39 Questions From Our Amazon Sponsored Products Webinar – Answered

Last week, we partnered up with Amazon for a joint presentation on the strategy behind driving product discoverability and leveraging the revamped Sponsored Products program. There a lot of questions we didn’t get a chance to touch on, so here they are… > Read More

AdWords branded PPC campaigns

Do Branded Trademark Campaigns Hurt Your Cost Per Acquisition?

Branded AdWords Campaigns are a valuable tool for PPC marketers to increase online sales. However, advertisers often avoid Branded Camapaigns due to concerns about impact on their SEO, Ad Spend and branding efforts. Branded  Trademark Campaigns have proven impact for higher brand awareness ROI,… > Read More

Retail search news

This Week In Retail Search 10/1/2014

Retail Search Recap 10/1/2014 Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce     Mobile News Wall Street Journal: eBay Prepping New Mobile Ad Network Online retailer eBay is preparing to launch a new mobile ad network to… > Read More

AdWords branded PPC campaigns

Are you holding back on Branded AdWords Campaigns? 3 Reasons You Should Reconsider [Video]

Are you bidding on your own brand in AdWords? Branded AdWords campaigns are frequently a source of fear and frustration for PPC marketers, with competitor brands bidding on your brand, and PPC implications for SEO. Check out the video below to determine… > Read More


5 AdWords Pro-Tips

One look at Google’s Inside AdWords blog and it is easy to get lost navigating in a sea of never ending updates. With the constant change, it’s difficult for even the most well versed PPC professional to stay current with the latest features. Below are 5 overlooked… > Read More


Google Search: How Does It Work? [Infographic]

Google has captured over two-thirds of the search engine market share by providing the most relevant search engine results to its user base. Due to its popularity, companies around the world aim to rank highly in its SERPs to lure prospective customers… > Read More


3 Overlooked Data Tips to Rank Higher on Google Shopping

You’re up to date on Google Shopping Campaign updates. Your optimizing your Google Shopping campaign for day parting, and changing up ad bidding based on performance. You spend at least an hour a day in AdWords analytics scouring your ad data. You’re… > Read More

Retail search news

This Week In Retail Search 9/24/2014

Retail Search Recap 9/17/2014 Leading, Reliable, and Updated News on Retail, Digital Marketing, Tech and Ecommerce   Retail News Wall Street Journal: Target Narrows The Bull’s Eye, With Emphasis On Signature Products Target’s new CEO is shifting the retailer’s focus to specific in-store departments, such… > Read More


CPC Strategy + Beardbrand: On Demand Webinar

How Beardbrand Went From $0 to $120k per Month in Sales in Less Than One Year Founder Eric Bandholz Shares His Success With Branding, Achieving Growth, and Beards Watch it On Demand | 63 minutes As one of the most abstract and poorly-defined… > Read More

Google long title shopping feed specification

Google Changes You Need to Make In 8 Days

In June, Google announced that it would enforce new Google Merchant Center feed specifications starting September 30th. Google’s updated data requirements change standards for how information is displayed by Google advertisers for product inventory. The new data requirement, which modifies formatting for availability and product titles, along with other product… > Read More

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