Facebook App Event optimization options

Boost Facebook Mobile App Ads With App Event Optimization

An Overview of App Event Optimization on Facebook Mobile App Ads Facebook just became a better place to advertise mobile shopping apps. Right now, most purchases occur through apps (58%), but according to Facebook, apps are abandoned by 94% of users about… > Read More

Social Media Advertising Platform

A Breakdown of Each Social Media Advertising Platform for Retailers

Comparing Social Media Advertising Platforms Advertising on social media outlets has become an inherent necessity as the e-commerce industry continues its steady reign of retail-prominence. With advertising options offered through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and many, many more, determining which social… > Read More

amazon prime day 2016 recap

Amazon Prime Day 2016 Expert Recap & Seller Takeaways

Amazon Prime Day 2016 Expert Recap Referred to as the “biggest day in the history of Amazon”, Amazon Prime Day 2016 on July 12th increased customer orders more than 60 percent worldwide compared to the event last year. In the U.S. alone –… > Read More

Adwords conversions

Are BigCommerce & Shopify Over-Reporting Your Adwords Conversions?

Recently, the CPC Strategy team became aware that Shopify and BigCommerce accounts may be over-reporting conversions and conversion values in AdWords. What does this mean for Shopify and BigCommerce sites? “If you’re duplicating your reports, you’re not seeing your true performance on AdWords,… > Read More

amazon a+ content

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Introduction to Amazon A+ Content for Vendors Amazon A+ Content also known as enhanced content is an extended version of the basic product description. This elevated content includes scannable text that explains the features and benefits of a product. Vendors have the option to… > Read More

Google AMP articles

Google AMPs: The Future for Mobile Ecommerce?

Google AMPs for Ecommerce Sites According to research by Google and Nielsen, 3 out of 4 mobile searches result in follow-up actions such as visiting a retailer’s website, visiting a brick-and-mortar, or completing a conversion. However, if your mobile site speed is slow,… > Read More

programmatic direct mail

Programmatic Direct Mail Retargets Online Shoppers

What is Programmatic Direct Mail? Programmatic Direct Mail ® is a platform, founded by PebblePost that transforms real-time online activity into a dynamically rendered, personalized direct piece of mail that is sent to a consumer’s home within 12-24 hours. Based in New York City and… > Read More


SOLO Eyewear on the Impact of FBA & Amazon Prime Shipping

SOLO Eyewear on FBA & Amazon Prime Shipping We spoke with SOLO Eyewear, an environmentally responsible sunglasses company that currently leverages Amazon Prime’s vast user base to advertise their products to millions of shoppers worldwide. SOLO Eyewear was founded when Jenny Amaraneni partnered with her… > Read More

google showcase shopping

Google Showcase Shopping Ads for Broad & Non-Branded Queries

Google Showcase Shopping Ads for Broad Queries Starting this week, Shopping advertisers in the US, UK and Australia will have access to Google’s new ad format for broad queries – Google Showcase Shopping ads. The primary goal of the new format is to help shoppers with non-branded… > Read More

amazon vendor express

Should Sellers Use Amazon Vendor Express?

Amazon Vendor Express vs. Seller Central vs. Vendor Central Amazon has successfully cemented itself as the dominant online marketplace, allowing both brands and sellers to offer products to an ever-growing customer base. Seller Central is the default platform for new members, but Amazon Vendor Express and… > Read More

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