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What are Google Responsive Ads?

AdWords has become one of the most robust digital ad services by offering an expansive network through which ads can be shown (2 million+ for the display network). One repercussion of this is that publishers accept a variety of formats on their… > Read More


Expanded Text Ads: Analyzing Early Performance Results

A couple months ago, Google announced its latest implementation to Search advertising with the introduction of Expanded Text Ads. The new installment, which Google touted as being the biggest update to creative since the introduction of AdWords itself, prompted a bit of buzz… > Read More


Do Verified Reviews on Amazon Have a Bigger Impact on Rank Than Non-Verified Reviews?

Of all the factors that go into Amazon’s algorithm for ranking products, reviews come to mind first for a lot of sellers. Reviews directly impact your product rating, and in conjunction with other factors, they can determine your rank. However, a recent study… > Read More

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Can Google’s Cross-Device Retargeting Drive More Conversions?

An ongoing challenge for retail brands is how to “close the loop” and control cross-device remarketing campaigns across phones, tablets, laptops and more. Now, thanks to the recent release of cross-device remarketing for Google Display network and DoubleClick Bid Manager, advertisers can monitor how frequently users see your ad across… > Read More


How Online Retailers Can Leverage Facebook as a Direct Sales Channel

If you’re a retailer, it’s likely you’re already leveraging Facebook’s advertising network to promote your products to billions of shoppers – And if you’re not, you should know many of your competitors already are. Advertising on Facebook presents a unique opportunity because… > Read More

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Will Facebook’s New Dynamic Ads for Retail Effectively Drive In-Store Conversions?

57% of shoppers prefer to make purchases in-store, but about 40% of shoppers prefer to research purchases on mobile, according to one 2016 consumer survey. There hasn’t been a great way to fill the gap from Facebook Ads to in-store conversions—that is,… > Read More

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Amazon Expert Roundtable: Listing Optimizations That Work

Do you wonder how to stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive marketplace? How can you rank for your main keywords, improve your click-through rates and conversion rates to grow your profits? The answer is found in continually tweaking and… > Read More


How to Prepare Your Q4 Facebook Advertising Budget

The Q4 Facebook Advertising Budget Strategy During the holiday season, maximizing opportunities in front of customers that are most likely to buy is the most important optimization activity a retailer can do. One of the biggest concerns we hear from brands advertising on Facebook… > Read More


How Simple A/B Tests Can Boost Your Facebook ROI

Getting your Facebook ads ready for Q4? Put A/B testing at the top of your list. A/B testing your Facebook ads can dramatically affect your ad performance. And doing it before the holidays means you’ll skip out on the headache of guessing… > Read More


The Fundamentals of Facebook Ad Creation for Brands

The 3 Components of Facebook Ad Creation There are more than 1 billion people on Facebook and thanks to it’s robust targeting options, Facebook is the best platform for brands to reach their customers directly. “Facebook matters or should matter to brands because it is a great… > Read More

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