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Meet ProGrids: Product Recommendation Engine for Fashion Merchants

For fashion and beauty merchants, advertising on premier fashion blogs, typically where shoppers are actively looking for new things to try, is a valuable method of offering targeted products to an interested audience. ProGrids is a direct result of the innovation of… > Read More

Google AdWords Innovations

8 Staggering Statistics from Google AdWords Innovations

Yesterday Google made an AdWords announcement outlining AdWords innovations including new tools for Google Advertisers and updates to existing programs. The video announcement, which was streamed live can be viewed here. Google’s AdWords updates involved enhancements to apps, offline tracking and a… > Read More

Google AdWords innovations updates

Cut Through the Google Jargon: AdWords Innovations Key Points

Google announced several AdWords updates, features and tools yesterday through a live streamed announcement. Despite a significant amount of hype, Google’s AdWords announcement didn’t blow marketers away as expected. However, Google did announce some new tools which will definitive help marketers improve their… > Read More

Google Adwords tools

Google’s Step Inside AdWords Update Feature & Tool Overview

20,000 people tuned in to listen to Google’s live stream this morning which highlighting AdWords updates and tools (watch the video here). Google’s announcement was structured around three pillars of advertising, each which highlighted new tools or upcoming updates. Below is a summary… > Read More


The Best Reactions From Google’s Big AdWords Announcement

This morning, Google’s unveiling of many new AdWords features had the international Paid Search community buzzing with mixed reactions. #StepInsideAdWords was probably the first time I’ve seen a PPC related subject that was trending so much, it actually attracted bot spammers to… > Read More

AdWords announcement

10 Google AdWords Announcement Predictions We Hope Come True

Google is hosting a livestream today on the  AdWords blog hyping a big announcement that they plan to make around AdWords  at 9am. While Google hasn’t made it clear what AdWords changes are coming, it does note that “we will announce 10+ new AdWords… > Read More

manual penalty on Google

How To Painlessly Fix A Google Manual Penalty

This is a guest post by Joe Palko, 3D Store Chief Marketing Officer. Joe has been working in ecommerce with Online Merchants since 1994, and has over 12 years of Business Development experience. What Is a “Manual Penalty” from Google? You won’t… > Read More

Google PLA brand study

PLA Brand Considerations from Over 6,000 Ads [Study]

This is a guest post by Sam Engel. Sam is the Marketing Manager at BrandVerity, where he enjoys exploring trademark issues that come up in paid search. Brand Considerations from Analyzing Over 6,000 PLAs Product Listing Ads, or PLAs, can be a… > Read More


Google Makes Life Easier, Updates Shopping Campaigns Again

Last Friday, Google announced that Shopping Campaigns would receive yet another new feature – the option to base a new Shopping Campaigns campaign on the ad group(s) of an older PLA campaign. This is a timely announcement, given that Google dropped the August deadline… > Read More


3 Differences Between AdWords & Bing Ads Call Extensions

Call extensions have been around for quite a while, and most Paid Search managers worth their salt will have them implemented across the board. Still, like many features within search marketing platforms, call extensions can be overlooked, neglected, and misunderstood. With ever-increasing… > Read More

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